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Methodology for Treating Road Surfaces with Pitch Emulsions

  • Methodology for Treating Road Surfaces with Pitch Emulsions

    Portfolio Date April 19, 2016
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Enssolutions’ Pitch emulsion is extremely effective at binding native aggregates and particularly recycled asphalt (or millings). By topically applying to these materials we produce a water­ resistant, wind proof surface which minimizes dust and prevents water incursion which can lead to pot holes, wash boarding and rutting. By improving and maintaining the road surface, maintenance is reduced, vehicle maintenance is improved (less filter changes, longer tire life, etc.)



The product is applied at 8 to 12% solids with a tanker equipped with a pressurized spray bar with flat fan spray nozzles to ensure smooth, even coating of the road surface. The product is applied in multiple coats to ensure sufficient surface penetration and sealing.



It is critical I that this surface, once initialized is consistently maintained.

In the initial set-up application the surface is fully coated and bonded to produce a water-resistant, wear-resistant layer. This layer will wear over time with traffic. Regular low volume maintenance coats will seal surface looseness and ensure that the initial investment is protected.


Caution This product application produces a bonded, cured surface which will build up over time. Unlike chlorides or oils, this surface cannot be graded and re-worked!



Prior to application the road surface needs to be graded and crowned to the final profile that is desired, to remove pot holes, ruts and wash boarding and to remove any large loose aggregate on the surface. Large aggregate remaining on the surface will not be bonded and will cause damage to the bonded surf ace once traffic returns.

Benefits Environmentally friendly solution to road stabilization and dust control. Reduced road maintenance costs through elimination of grading and repair. Reduced vehicle maintenance on tires and filters.

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