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Granular Sealing of Road Shoulders

  • Granular Sealing of Road Shoulders

    Portfolio Date April 19, 2016
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Enssolutions’ Pitch emulsion is extremely effective at sealing granular shoulders to prevent erosion and preserve your asset. By forming a wind and water-proof barrier, the fines are preserved and erosion is prevented for a minimum of 2 years.


Reduce maintenance costs from erosion and wash-outs Improve road safety through elimination of edge drop offs Extend the life of pavement by preserving the shoulder.


Shoulder Primer TOP_opt-1

Granular sealing reduces short and long term maintenance costs from new aggregate, grading crews and equipment and from asphalt repairs while improving safety!


Pitch acts as an adhesive binding the fine particulate within the shoulder aggregate to form a wind-proof and water-proof bond. This action resists the negative impacts of wind and water and holds the aggregate in place preventing the erosion process from starting.


Hand application to slopes and around guard rails ensures a good seal in areas where the truck cannot reach. Custom lengths of spray bar ensure the entire shoulder area is reached in the most economical manner with no over-spray.



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