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Treatment of Solar Array Sites with Enssolutions’ T.O.P.

Treatment of Solar Array Sites with Enssolutions’ T.O.P. Pine Pitch Emulsion Saves millions $$ in WATER usage

  • Treatment of Solar Array Sites with Enssolutions’ T.O.P.

    Portfolio Date April 19, 2016
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Enssolutions’ Organic T.O.P. Pine Pitch Emulsion is extremely effective at suppressing erosion and dust releases from solar sites by reducing maintenance costs, increasing operational efficiency by lowering water usage and meeting air permit requirements. T.O.P. forms a water and wind-proof barrier. Roadways and open areas are sealed. Watering needs are minimized, and community stakeholders are better protected

By utilizing our pitch emulsion you will be treating your site with a binder that is very effective and also environmentally benign. It is derived from renewable resources making it a truly sustainable and green solution.

At Enssolutions, we ensure the long term success of our treatments within your operations. Our product protects the environment and demonstrates your commitment to the safety of the surrounding community, while lowering your water consumption.


With Topical Treatment

Roadways and open areas are treated using a water truck outfitted with a pressurized spray bar with fan spray nozzles. This ensures a smooth even coat across the entire area. Areas close to or under the arrays are treated with hand wands to ensure no over spray onto your panels.

Multiple application passes allowing for curing between coats. This process builds up a durable surface to prevent generation of fugitive dust.


Using our Pine Pitch Emulsion will Save you Money during and after construction


Treating roads with water is an expensive and time consuming business and water resources need to be protected and conserved.

By sealing your roads and open fields with our emulsion you will cut your water usage by up to 95%, and dust mitigation costs by up to 70%.

Save even more money by sealing the site at the end of construction to prevent erosion and avoid ongoing physical maintenance costs

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