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RAP/GSA Paving




Objectives of Paving with RAP/GSA:

  • Cost effective alternative to hot-mix
  • Save money by using millings from pavement rehabilitation jobs
  • Reduce emissions by using pine rosin which has no VOC’s


Enssolutions’ pine rosin emulsion is extremely effective at bonding recycled asphalt millings.  This application provides a truly sustainable, green solution through the re-use of old pavement bonded with product made from a renewable resource.  Controlled lab testing has shown that use of our pine rosin emulsion produces a stronger surface than asphalt emulsion.  In situ testing side by side with an asphalt emulsion bonded lane has demonstrated a durable surface at least equal to the asphalt emulsion after more than 4 years under temperatures ranging from -25°C to +35°C (-13°F to 95°F).


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