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Terra T.O.P. is a unique blend of a lignin and T.O.P. Pine Pitch Emulsion, that creates a long lasting road surface that holds up to rain and traffic at an economic discount from just a straight T.O.P. Pine Pitch Emulsion application. In the Sulfite process the lignins are sulfonated and become water soluble, on their own they can leach or fail after a short period of time with traffic and rain but by adding T.O.P. Pine Pitch Emulsion, it becomes a much stronger stabilizer. This helps bind the lignin to the aggregate creating a non water soluble surface that is water resistant. The lignin helps the Pine Pitch penetrate deeper into the surface to give the roadway a stronger more durable surface that will hold up to weather and traffic. This blend will last longer than just regular Lignin or Lignin mixed with Mag Chlorides on their own.

Here are some important facts and details:
– TerraT.O.P. meets or exceeds PM-10 standards
– Improving travel safety
– Conserving water – constant watering no longer required
– Improving public relations
– Convenient application – Can drive on the treated area next day
– Long-term cost savings – higher residual and reduced future application rates
– Non-toxic ingredients – not harmful to humans, animals or plants
– Custom blends for specific climates or soil types
– Reduced Carbon Footprint
– Saves money on labor and equipment cost
– Reduces dust in agriculture areas where dust mites are a factor
– Fewer potholes and less wash boarding
– Increased low bearing capacity, a firmer road surface without loose gravel.

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