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About Us

About ENS Solutions


Enssolutions provides dust control and surface stabilization for a full range of customers.

We manufacture, distribute and apply organic liquid pine rosin emulsions (trademarked Entac in Canada and T.O.P. in the USA) to meet these industrial and commercial market demands.

  • Mine tailings dust control
  • Infrastructure asset management 
  • Solar Array dust control
  • Coal stockpile sealing 
  • Road shoulder and road surface stabilization.


Our focus is providing premium products and services. Our responsibility is satisfying the performance needs of our clients while recognizing the sensitivity of our environment.


Responsibility, Sustainability, Integrity


We see it as our responsibility to protect the environment by reducing the ecological impacts of industrial activities. Our product has no negative environmental impacts. Third party testing demonstrates zero mortality on aquatic organisms including Rainbow Trout, Daphnia Magna and Bioluminescent Marine Bacteria.


Our product is derived from renewable resources and is ultimately, fully biodegradable. True sustainability comes from a combination of Environmental Protection in extraction and deposition, Social Responsibility in the mitigation of harmful effects of fugitive dust, and Economic Viability in the reduction of maintenance costs and the management of environmental compliance.


We take these principles seriously and stand firmly behind our products and our services.


Meet Our Corporate Officers:

James D. Staudohar
Chief Executive Officer
(623) 934-6767

Troy Adelman
Vice President – Sales
(623) 934-6767

Damian Larson 
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