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Enssolutions provides dust control and surface stabilization for a full range of customers.

We manufacture, distribute and apply organic liquid pine rosin emulsions (trademarked Entac in Canada and T.O.P. in the USA) to meet these industrial and commercial market demands. Our focus is providing premium products and services. Our responsibility is satisfying the performance needs of our clients while recognizing the sensitivity of our environment.

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Dust Control and Stablization Solutions for the Mining Industry

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Public Infrastructure at the Municipal, State and Provincial Levels.

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Solutions for Sealing Coal Stockpiles for Environmental Protection.

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Soluitions for Solar Site Stabilzation for Environmental Protection.

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Solutions for Construction Yard and Road Sealing.

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Pine Pitch Emulsion

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Because we manage all phases of our products from manufacture, distribution to application, we are able to maintain high quality standards.

Environmentally benign   –   Excellent binding strength   –   Not water-soluble   –   Non-toxic   –   Non-leaching   –   Non slippery   –   Non-corrosive   –   Non-flammable

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